[-ASK] Aim Shoot Kill

GG was close


We are an international English speaking clan taking part in Clan Wars, Strongholds and various other clan events.


CW tanks - you must have at least two of the following

Tier 10; Obj 140, Obj 430U, Obj 907, Obj 277, IS 7, Obj 260, T57 Heavy, AMX 50B, EBR 105, S Conq, Conq GC, WZ 111 5A, STB-1, TVP T50/51, STRV 103B Chieftan Obj 279e

Tier 8; Skorpion, LT 432, Defender ,Obj 252U, Obj 703 II, IS-3A, Renegade, Progetto 46 , EBR

Player Stats;

1500 wn8 Overall
1800 wn8 Recents
Minimum 5000 battles

You must join CW/SH at least 3 times per week

For Recruitment please message Badass1045 or Squishy008 or just send an Appication in and if you are good enough you will be accepted

Dawn of Industry We won 17 tanks but after that campaign we joined up with another clan and gave away our old clan called BC-V due to we thought the clan we joined up with would go good but it did not so we decided to come and make this clan instead
in Dawn of Industry some of us got the skins to

Clan statistiek

Aantal leden: 1

Ø Gevechten442
Ø WN82047,26
Win / verlies52,71%


#Spelersnaam30D WN830D BattlesWN8Win / verliesGevechtenLaatste gevechtRolToegetreden

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