Top Clans

#ClanLidGemiddelde WN8
1[FAME] Deal with it!763410.24
2[FC-D] FC-DYNAMO983225.21
3[TILT] Full on TILT763095.15
4[322] Skull and Bones1003014.45
5[CSA] CS Army732997.73
7[EXAL] Exalted!982792.41
8[IDEAL] IDEAL902789.10
9[OMNI] Odem Mortis international902772.60
10[JBAIT] GET JEBAITED!562765.38
11[3PX] Pixel Shot!812754.37
12[KAZNA] Kazna Kru852744.70
13[EDITS] Energy Drink Infused TriHard Sessions992737.91
14[9-TDE] 9.Tanková divize Elite982727.94
15[EFE] Eye For An Eye612720.99
16[NYKS] NYKS502720.72
17[TREAD] Just TREAD !!!942705.53
18[STRGV] STRG und V auf Platz Eins einfügen!862680.09
19[TRIGG] The T is as useless as CW Specialists782654.83
20[TENTX] Rent your TENTX832635.82
21[GO_UA] Ghost's_UA_972635.67
22[RGT] Retired Grandma Torment982623.87
23[S3AL] Purple S3AL`s gonna club back!692623.54
24[PAID] Paid Actors!652614.62
25[QIESE] Quinta Essentia642610.65
26[DITTO] EVOLVING962606.19
27[NEVUS] Never Forget Us!692603.10
28[KITTY] KITTY962602.77
29[MEME] The ZULUL Warriors592600.94
30[NERVA] NERVA592592.86
31[SI-S] Stop Streaming I'm Screaming902523.37
32[78679] STORM!!!942499.83
33[RDDT] Reddit: The Front Lines of the Internet782483.15
34[NOMI] No More Ideas!962479.48
35[D0NE] It's done, next one572476.54
36[ARCTI] ARCTIC762475.42
37[OM] Odem Mortis732463.03
38[T-17] Trick 17782430.33
39[3KWN8] Performance Above Everything752428.71
40[DAFFY] Angry_Ducks922426.26
41[-RLD-] Reloading932426.05
42[CELL] Sleeper Cell1002423.98
43[EX-4X] No More Army X532413.91
44[KRAWL] Krawall612393.98
45[WAYR] Why are u running?!942391.54
46[ASHES] Ashes to Ashes802385.81
47[OOUUF] Wow, what a trade bois!672367.70
48[D_DOS] DDoS Attack992356.70
49[UAT_] Українське Військо!!662354.26
50[SAMPI] SAMPI952340.52
51[ALL1N] All in or Nothing872339.01
52[SIWA] Konkurssi..952334.65
53[EMPO] Empire Of SIn972324.83
54[G_UKR] UKR_G792311.13
55[RAIW] Ukrainian Party982308.69
56[_SWF_] Schlechtwetterfront532293.36
57[K4E] -Kae Focus Est Optimum Kae-722289.23
58[SL3M] Suizid Lemminge1002288.14
59[SKIL1] Baboons empire1002277.97
60[HEFF] Why u HEFF to be mad?952276.79
61[AAAKR] clan_aaakr742265.00
63[ANUBI] ANUBI812259.47
64[T-WD] The Walking Dead team502256.30
65[HESH_] Why you HESH to be mad?!602255.96
66[IMORT] We are Immortal592255.95
67[NA_SP] Nasing speshal982252.65
68[F0W-U] Flock of Wolves -Unicums882250.69
69[BLU3_] Keep Calm and be Blue792248.48
70[GRUUT] GRUUT!942246.76
71[_1] Первый Русский772246.63
72[MEPCY] No mercy to sinners. The last order of Vigilantes.482246.37
73[TRIFI] H0MlE932245.79
74[NACIA] Ukrainian nation!982244.88
75[ANWAY] Do it Anyway!692240.64
76[TDSTR] Tank Destroyer Forces652237.20
77[W3RNG] We're Definitely Not Genius762228.24
78[AAV] Ave Atque Vale982227.94
79[S4LT] Just a Pinch852225.55
80[RETR0] Recognized Troublemakers1002220.30
81[FOXES] Armored Foxes562206.57
82[MVPS] Most Valuable Players!1002206.40
84[R_D1] Rychlá divize 1742199.44
85[HAKOO] HAKOO992198.86
86[GIFTD] GIFTED932198.55
87[-MM] MadMen862198.11
88[CALM_] CALM832194.61
89[EL_SQ] 'Elite Squad'922193.78
90[BLUTE] Domination on tracks! (*since 2o12*)882191.35
91[INFER] İNFERNO572180.95
92[SERPE] Soldati Erranti Rompi Palle Estremi872177.58
93[SKILL] Skill Island1002173.85
94[PRICE] The Price Of Victory992173.45
95[ST0RM] STORMTR00PERS752171.61
96[D-SEN] Da Sensei's552171.16
97[LV-UP] LevelUp512167.47
98[R3QT] Rage ♥ Quit542161.62
99[K4OS] K4OS562158.38
100[ATSWH] !* ti esU ?niarB872157.32
101[VNOMS] VENOMS512155.95
102[O-S-C] Old School Crew542155.52
103[GHS] Ghost Squadron752155.00
105[OKEY] OKEY BYE572149.18
106[-TUN-] TUN862148.86
107[YMF] Your Mother's Favorite512140.99
108[NADES] Grenades to your face982140.94
109[YEBOY] Ye Boy932140.39
110[CRY-X] Forgot Gaming!642138.05
111[G_ZLY] Grizzly - We have nothing To Fear!!562138.00
112[METOX] Metal Toxic Souls652131.32
113[PBSJ] Panzer Bataillon Stählerne Jäger882129.17
114[ANHL] ANNIHILATORS - «Слава Україні! Героям слава!»912128.44
115[EFE-X] Everything For Efficiency602127.81
116[RE-AP] Th3 Reapers502127.36
117[IEOCI] Слава Украине682126.72
118[TR4SH] TR4SH812126.10
119[CH3SS] Chessgenies Communityclan942123.73
120[WTBT] WoTBoT1002120.84
121[0NION] You will cry532118.61
122[9-TDR] 9.Tanková divize Reborn982117.82
123[KV-2] We TROLL712115.42
124[WEPRO] wePRO Elites672114.90
125[-FREI] -FREI-962114.68
126[PDV-A] PanzerDivision Vipern "Alpha"802114.65
127[BOXIN] 5 key to victory982112.32
129[PSQD] Psycho Squad602107.96
130[RED_S] Red Supreme742104.38
131[3NRGY] €N3RGY962104.24
132[_VOLE] Klan_vole922102.64
133[IDUNO] I Dunno Man512102.50
134[BIA] =BiA=Steel panthers Cz/Sk962098.83
135[STRNK] Stronk Siema Community642096.79
137[WOCKD] WOCKED982094.51
138[SMDH] Shaking My Damn Head812087.62
139[-BOS-] Balls of Steel632087.25
140[PNX-R] PhoeNiX-Rebels972087.23
141[RATE] Don't underrate us802084.72
142[_2B_] BАD BALANCE982083.49
143[BABA] Türk Baba Klanı992082.50
144[KILL-] Kill Crush Destroy552082.14
145[MOLON] M0LON LABE582081.00
146[MIRKO] Tylko Mirko!652079.43
147[U_A_T] U_A_T - Українське військо " Сотня Богдана Хмельницького "992077.78
148[ENJ0Y] Just Enjoy The Game!832069.35
149[GFT-] Going For The Top !642069.32
150[-V-A-] Virtual Army722067.36
151[TKBS] Tankabbestia612063.54
152[7SENS] Seventh Sense922061.94
153[-WTB-] -We Trust in Beer-892060.24
154[0RGY] 0RGY832058.46
155[R_QR] READ QR942057.84
156[LUCH] The Fun Playing Brotherhood of Luchs792057.39
157[MONKO] Kajzoo's Monko Players with special needs992053.33
158[CHS] Team_CHAOS652053.26
159[R1SE] Rising Legends612052.22
160[ANIML] Animals!752045.68
161[PRISM] PRISM - do you like your eggs poached ?752045.65
162[VVEST] Wild Wild West952044.85
163[CRBER] Pragaro Šunys632044.48
164[A-Y-D] Arty yolo division992044.41
165[DRDD] Don’t Rush Dont’t Die702039.20
166[SK0LL] IN SK0LL WE TRUST !802030.65
167[TRE4D] Just TRE4D !!!562024.65
168[ROGFI] Rogue Finland792022.98
169[ANV-V] Acta non Verba - Veterans512021.44
170[WGL-A] War Gaming League (Ace Tankers)822020.56
171[PURES] PureSkills912019.01
172[DRRUS] Нетрезвые русские542009.22
173[EVGRL] EVGRL812005.65
174[MSTIC] MYSTIC CLAN962005.13
175[G-ON] GAME ON612004.58
176[GR0OT] WE ARE GROOT922003.91
177[OTZ-] Our Team Zzzzz952003.38
178[-EYE-] All eyes on you912002.44
179[RIPE] Rest in Peace Evolution562001.47
180[U_KR] U-AT822000.88
181[01SBP] Sarmacki Batalion Pancerny911999.39
182[TAF-G] Turkish Armed Forces-Guards691998.09
183[KOPM2] KOPM2 - построй свой Укреп991997.95
184[AVIR] AVUS IRRUMABO961990.40
185[THEOS] The Other Side971990.01
186[HOOLS] Hools891989.80
187[T-14] BYCKL & ARMATA951986.22
188[EFE-S] Everything for Satisfaction671984.61
189[SPESH] Spam "SpEsHuL" aMmO! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)551982.67
190[PMHC] Polish Mechanised Hussar Corps741982.01
191[O-L-T] One Last Time861979.57
193[GR-W] Garms Wächter801976.57
194[F4DED] For Death and Honor531976.52
195[_PIR_] Piranhas631975.27
196[OMNIA] OMNIA951973.34
197[CMON] Common sense581973.11
198[CBAIT] U just got Clickbaited971971.49
199[UAV] Legio_Ferrata561970.28
200[A30B_] Полк Азов701969.34